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Jan 15 – 22, 2024

Greetings Sacred Vedic Arts Family and Friends,

Welcome to your weekly SVA newsletter update! Explore the latest community news, catch up on past events, discover upcoming happenings, and get a sneak peek at the weekly schedules you won’t want to miss. Stay connected with all things SVA right here!

As we delve into past events and exciting updates, we’re thrilled to introduce SVA Academy! Your gateway to enriching experiences, SVA Academy is our new online learning platform. Immerse yourself in short tutorial videos on devotional arts, explore captivating audio books, wander through a virtual art gallery, and benefit from lessons by world-renowned spiritual teachers. Join us on this educational journey as we elevate the SVA experience to a whole new level!

Explore further what SVA Academy has to offer, by watching the informative video through the link below.

Now, let’s delve into a recap of the week’s highlighted events.

Bhakti Yoga Club at FIU

Last Wednesday, a dedicated group of devotees brought the uplifting vibes of kirtan and transcendental wisdom books to FIU. Stationed on the main lawn, the joy and love radiated by the devotees resonated with numerous students. Many Bhakti Yoga Club members joined too. It was a heartwarming experience as the campus embraced the spiritual energy, creating a memorable day filled with shared celebration.

Martin Luther King Kirtan

By the inspiration of our Bhakti teachers, this Martin Luther King Day 13 devotees from SVA decided to go explore the MLK Day Parade, happening on NW 3nd Ave in Miami. The devotees came with bags of books and fliers to distribute, all under the umbrella of sankirtan.

Different devotees took turns leading kirtan and playing the mridangas, whompers, and karatals, which resounded the park with spiritual hum. The music was uplifting for the souls attending the parade. Many books were distributed by devotees such as Vasanti Dasi, Haridas Das and Visvambhar Das, and more of our beautiful sangha was there to support the sankirtan party.

The SVA members attending experienced hope, in the spirit of Martin Luther King Jr., in envisioning a future where everyone is seen as brother and sister in the pursuit of loving God. Many new friendships and connections and our community members will be sure to follow up with all the amazing souls.

Daily Tulasi Worship

Everyday here at SVA, the devotees worship Tulasi Devi, a goddess from the spiritual world who comes to us in the form of a divine plant. In Krishna’s spiritual abode, Goloka Vrindavan, Tulasi Devi (also known as Vrinda Devi) is in charge of arranging the amorous meetings between Radha and Krsna in the forest groves. She is the gatekeeper of these pastimes, and we worship her to gain the qualifications to one day serve Radha and Krsna in their exclusive meetings as manjaris (cowherd maidservants of Radharani).

A part of our daily worship is offering prostrated obeisances to Tulasi, singing prayers to her, and offering her different paraphernalia such as incense, ghee wick, and flowers. After performing arati (ritualistic prayer), the devotees, headed by Syamarani Didi, water tulasi and prune her leaves by picking the blossoming flowers (called manjaris).

When prayer and ceremony to Vrinda Devi is performed in this way, it helps one to embody the consciousness that she is not just a plant but a goddess from the spiritual world. Our spiritual masters teach us that by worshipping and offering prayer to her everyday, one can quickly make spiritual advancement and be elevated to Goloka Vrindavan.

A Call for Action

As always, we invite our community to come dedicate some hours of their week towards service at the temple, to help with cooking, kitchen prep, cleaning, organization, yard maintenance, flower garland making, pujari services, and especially chanting and dancing at street kirtans.

Please contact Vasanti (347-727-8692) or Champak (617-230-7437) to inquire about services.


sukha-duḥkha-prado nānyaḥ
saṁsāras tamasaḥ kṛtaḥ

Srimad Bhagavatam 11.23.59

“No other force besides his own mental confusion makes the soul experience happiness and distress. His perception of friends, neutral parties, and enemies, and the whole material life he builds around this perception are simply created out of ignorance.”