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What others are saying

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“His guidance gave me a sense of calm relief, self-acceptance and a renewed trust to live my truth and pursue my goals.”

Katherine Carey

“His insight was profoundly life changing.”

Annie Penny,
Sacred Earth Training

“His insight was not only amazingly accurate, it was profoundly life changing.”

Yumi Roussin, Artist

“Michael is a wonderful educator and extremely knowledgeable. He is very calm when he talks. So, the information is easily absorbed.”

Catherine Chevalier, Body Movement Coach

“Michael is a kind and sensitive teacher. I thoroughly enjoyed my workshop with him and found him very engaging and his subject extremely interesting. The chanting was excellent too! I will definitely work with him in the future.”

Belinda Tuffnel, Therapist/Counsellor

“The Dharma workshop offers an incredible model for living. The course has great presentations, with clear and coherent information. It’s a must for anyone interested in personal growth and a more joyful life.”

Katherine Franklin-Adams, Psychologist

“Michael is a very interesting speaker and a very knowledgeable person. He brings a warmth, humour and a generosity of spirit to his courses and he is also an interested in the participants of the courses.”

C. Plumridge