welcome to sacred vedic arts, in the heart of miami’s design district

Sacred Vedic Arts Center is newly based in a 3,000-square-foot location in the Design District, Miami.


Sacred Vedic Arts’ permanent collection aims to herald into Miami’s contemporary art scene, a body of work already highly prominent in Asian markets. Prints and other reproductions already grace the home collections of thousands throughout Western countries as well. Many of the originals feature on permanent display in various museums and institutions throughout the world.

Rooted in principles of love, inclusivity, and universal compassion, our vision is to become a world-renowned institution for the celebration and preservation of the Vedic arts.

Our Purpose

Our purpose is to preserve and promote the rich cultural heritage of the Vedic tradition and provide a platform for spiritual enrichment, artistic expression, and community engagement.
Rooted in principles of love, inclusivity, and universal compassion, our vision is to become a world-renowned institution for the celebration and preservation of the Vedic arts.

Our Mission

Our mission is to awaken transcendent emotions in the hearts of modern audiences and to inspire dialogue and introspection into the human condition and the meaning of life in a way that is accessible and universal, yet deeply personal.

SVA’s diverse collections, exhibitions, programs, and performances reflect our roots in ancient India while also drawing from the works of contemporary artists inspired by the Bhaktivedanta School of Art around the world.

Our Offerings

Sacred Vedic Arts manifests in the form of five arts: visual, performing, ceremonial, literary, and culinary. These five arts are likened to the petals of a lotus, with individual fragrances and beauty, and together they enhance the sweetness of the flower itself—the Vedic tradition.
Each of the arts symbolizes a profound pillar of both historical and spiritual significance, deeply rooted in the spiritual tradition of ancient India. The SVA vision blossoms on the determination we hold true to this history.

The five sacred Vedic arts – five magic medicines – originate in a world of three divine qualities – eternity, bliss, and knowledge (sat-cit- ananda). After engaging with the arts, people find meaning and purpose, a happy aim in life.

Visual Arts

Performing Arts

Ceremonial Arts

Literary Arts

Culinary Arts

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Syamarani Didi — President and Founder

Srimati Syamarani Didi, also known as Jadurani Dasi, is the driving force behind the success of GVO and the visionary of SVA. A painter of devotional art since 1966, she is known worldwide as both a master artist and teacher of Bhakti-yoga.

During a career spanning six decades, she has painted more than 300 works of devotional art with global impact. To date, over 550 million books featuring her artwork have been printed in 70 languages and at least 500,000 prints of her works are in circulation worldwide. Under the guidance of Srila Bhaktivedanta Narayana Gosvami Maharaja, she painted what is now one of the most famous art pieces in India: “Seva-kunja.” The painting was installed in a ceremony at the holy pilgrimage site of Sri Rupa- Sanatana Gaudiya Matha in Vrindavan. The fascinating journey of her life and career is detailed in her 2019 memoir, The Art of Spiritual Life.

The honorable prime minister of India, Narendra Modi, recognized her artistic prowess and cultural contributions to Indian cultural and spiritual traditions in 2020 at his residence. There, she gifted him a signed copy of her book Bhakti Art Illuminations, a comprehensive collection of her paintings. Modi was so impressed by her work that he later featured her on his radio show, Maan ki Bat, where he praised her role in carrying forward India’s spiritual and cultural traditions.

However, Syamarani’s influence extends far beyond being just an artist. She’s also recognized worldwide as one of the leading erudite scholars of Bhakti-yoga in the modern era, known also for publishing clarifications on esoteric philosophical conundrums that unite divergent schools of thought.