Radha Alone


rāse harim iha vihita-vilāsaṁ
smarati mano mama kṛta-parihāsam 

“”Sakhī! How astonishing it is that in this rāsa festival, Madhuripu [Krsna] has abandoned Me and He is roguishly amusing Himself with other alluring girls. Despite this, again and again I remember Him in My heart. He fills the flute resting in His lotus hands with the nectar of His lips, nectar that streams forth as a sweet suggestive melody. When He glances flirtatiously from the corners of His eyes, His jeweled headdress quivers as His earrings swing against His cheeks. “Over and over I remember Hari’s attractive dark complexion, His laughter and His amusing behavior.”

Śrī Gīta-Govinda (2.2)

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