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Lord Varahadeva, Nityananda Triyodasi, Yoga Fest, and More!

February 19–25, 2024
Haribol Sacred Arts Family and Friends,

We hope everyone is brimming with love and excitement from this past Valentine’s week. Check out what SVA was doing for the holiday and in our monthly recap coming out at the end of the month.

We have a couple events coming up this week along with our normal scheduled programs, which you can check out in the graphics below.

In addition, this weekend SVA will be running a transcendental books and art table at Yoga Fest Fort Lauderdale. The event is Saturday, Feb. 24th from 9am-7pm. Please check out the whatsapp group for more details on when to arrive and please bring your enthusiasm!

Last but not least, SVA will be hosting a special guest this weekend, Sripad Srauti Maharaja, and he will be giving a lecture at Sunday’s Love Feast. We hope you can attend so you can receive mercy from a beloved Vaishnava.

Have a divinely devotional week,

SVA Newsletter Team

Get Your Mercy Here!

Make your home a spiritual world by adopting a Tulsi plant.

We have about 20 Tulsi plants that want to bless your homes. We are giving away Tulsi plants for those who are interested in worshipping her and receiving great mercy for spiritual advancement.

If you would like a Tulsi, please reach out to us by stopping in at the temple, or sending us an email or a text at (347)-727-8692


Weekly Schedule of Events

6–6:30 am Mangala Artik
6:30–7 am Tulsi Worship & Song of Prayer
7–9 am Verses & Japa
9 am Breakfast | 1:30 pm Lunch | 8 pm Dinner
Temple Closed for Breakfast
4:30 pm Harinam in Midtown
9–11 am Bhajans & Morning Class
6:30–8:30 pm Bhajans & Evening Class
9–11 am Bhajans & Morning Class
4:30 pm Harinam in Midtown
9–11 am Bhajans & Morning Class
6:30–8:30 pm Bhajans & Evening Class
9–11 am Morning Class
6:30–8:30 pm Kirtan Night & Prasadam Feast
2–5 pm Book Distribution & Harinam in and around Miami
11 am–2 pm Love Feast