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Gurudeva’s Festival of Separation

Jan 8 – 15, 2024

Greetings Sacred Vedic Arts Family,

What a truly inspiring week of devotion we’ve shared. The service at the temple continue to a be a source of ever-fresh spiritual upliftment. Come and join us for our upcoming events, like the enchanting Friday night kirtan and our Sunday Love Feast.

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Here is our recap of some of the spiritually nourishing events of last week:

First Mindfulness Wednesday of the Year

What a fantastic Mindfulness Wednesday we just experienced last week! We were delighted to welcome 20 new spiritual seekers into SVA’s sacred space. The energy was palpable as we gathered to chant on our japa beads in unison, creating a powerful symphony of sanskrit mantras that resonated through the temple.

As the night unfolded, the kirtan took center stage. Visvarupa Das and Ishan Das were an influential duo as they got even the most timid newcomers to dance. The rhythmic beats and melodic tunes ignited a joyous celebration of life. There’s something truly magical about the collective power of chanting, and it was heartwarming to witness everyone coming together in harmony.

Srila Gurudeva’s Separation Festival

In a poignant and heartfelt gathering, the Sacred Vedic Arts community came together to commemorate the anniversary of Srila Bhaktivedanta Narayana Gosvami Maharaja disappearance from the vision of the mortal world on December 29th, 2010. Devotees came from far and wide to honor and remember him. The atmosphere was filled with deep reverence as devotees, moved by the gravity of the occasion, shared their cherished memories and experiences with their revered spiritual master. Each speaker painted from the depths of their hearts a vivid picture of shared moments, wisdom, and the powerful impact Srila Gurudeva had on their spiritual journeys.

Commencing the event, Maha Buddhi Das spoke with pointed attention to the significance of dedicating this lifetime to cultivating a taste for service to Radha and Krishna. Krishna Vallabha Dasi transported us into a mystical realm with surprising stories, and guided us through a beautiful kirtan that echoed with the vibrancy of our shared devotion. Krishna Mayi Dasi, in poetic rhythm, evoked memories of festival travels with Srila Gurudeva. Subal Das, with meticulous detail, showcased a captivating slide show, offering the audience a direct darshan of our spiritual leader. In the midst of these remembrances, voices choked up, and faces were wet with tears, underlining the raw and profound emotions that this shared remembrance stirred.

Srila Bhaktivedanta Narayana Gosvami Maharaja not only revealed the windows to the spiritual world, but through his merciful glance and deep blue eyes, bestowed hope even upon the faithless.

Inauguration of the Deity Kitchen

On the anniversary of Srila Gurudeva’s disappearance day, Vrindavan Das and Ram Das kindled the inaugural flames in our new commercial-quality deity kitchen. Cooking up subji, dal, and chapatis, the duo, along with other devotees, dedicated seven hours to preparing a feast that not only filled our bellies but also nourished our souls.

We extend heartfelt thanks to everyone who generously donated towards the kitchen. Your contributions made it possible to purchase the necessary equipment and set up the space needed to initiate prasadam distribution on a larger scale.

While we’ve made significant progress, we are still seeking additional support to further elevate the kitchen standards (such as food preservation by purchasing an additional freezer) and be fully equipped to meet the growing needs of our vibrant community.

If you would like to contribute to this cause, please consider making a donation through the following link:

Thank You Dedicated Devotees

We would like to thank all the devotees who have stayed late after evening programs, to help wash Krishna’s pots. Your dedicated service, though quiet behind the scenes, is essential to keeping the temple a clean space for deity worship. Special recognition to Sumukhi and Manohar for consistently completing their cleaning services with a humble and kind-hearted mood. A big thank you to Sanatan Das and Visvarupa Das as well for their pot-washing services, the uplifting team never fails to bring smiles to people’s faces.

A Call for Action

As always, we invite our community to come dedicate some hours of their week towards service at the temple, to help with cooking, kitchen prep, cleaning, organization, yard maintenance, flower garland making, pujari services, and especially chanting and dancing at street kirtans.

Please contact Vasanti (347-727-8692) or Champak (617-230-7437) to inquire about services.

Aspiring to Serve, SVA Newsletter Team



sukha-duḥkha-prado nānyaḥ
saṁsāras tamasaḥ kṛtaḥ
Srimad Bhagavatam 11.23.59
“No other force besides his own mental confusion makes the soul experience happiness and distress. His perception of friends, neutral parties, and enemies, and the whole material life he builds around this perception are simply created out of ignorance.”